GRP Pipes

What Makes GRP Perfect for Manufacturing Pipes in India?


Glass reinforced plastic or GRP pipes manufacturers India are sourcing the best quality raw materials for making pipes and profiles. Since GRP is light in weight and durable material, most manufacturing units are considering it as a primary material for producing pipes and other GRP range of products. There is no end of uses of GRP. Designers and engineers feel great to have maximum liberty of being creative in their job. It is because of the versatility of the GRP material.

Glass reinforced plastic has unique physical properties that let engineers to tool, mold, and manufacture designs to meet any specifications of the client. They can make products of any size, color, and design.

Let’s read the major features of GRP material.

Versatile and affordable :

The lightweight strength of glass reinforced plastic makes the material popular among traditional ones. GRP lowers the product weight and needs less maintenance and this is why most companies and customers throughout the world are highly attracted to these products instead of traditional materials like metal, brick, or timber.

GRP seems costly but it costs lesser as there is no need of maintenance. Moreover, it is cheap to design, manufacture and install.

Durable and sturdy :

GRP material has high strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength, which means that it is light in weight and has excess strength. GRP material also has high resistance to UV rays, high temperatures, chemicals, salt air and acids.

If you have a GRP staircase, ladder, or cable tray, you don’t need to pay attention as they will not get rust, you don’t have to paint them and no bugs can eat them.

GRP is plastic based product that is non corrosive and has longer life expectancy when compared to other construction materials like stainless steel.

You will get great performance from GRP products under extreme weather conditions.

Appearance :

GRP products manufacturers are intending their range in many finishes, textures, and colors that include stone effect and bricks design.


GRP is non conductive, so it is safer for electrical and electronic equipment storage.

Acoustic properties :

This is something new to know about GRP products. GRP offers better soundproofing properties as compared to normal plastic or metal. So, you can use GRP products in housings or buildings where you need to lower the noise level.

GRP Pipes Manufacturers India are already exporting their range throughout the world. You can approach them and avail entire range of GRP profiles and components.


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