GRP Pipes

Distinct Types of Composite Materials Used by GRP Pipes Manufacturers India


Composite materials are composed of two or multiple components that are combined in a way that lets the materials to stay identifiable and unique. GRP Pipes Manufacturers India are going to discuss about different types of composite materials that they apply for manufacturing products for several clients.

The components used with the composite materials like FRP, GRP add strength to the material. Composites are not similar to alloys like bronze or brass. Alloys are developed in a way that it is impossible to differentiate between them. Some commonly used composite materials include concrete, mud bricks, fiberglass, and natural composites like wood and rock.

Manufacturers classify the composite materials on the basis of the type of reinforcement they use. The manufacturers use matrix as a binding material to hold it together. They use reinforcement to strengthen the composite. You can take the mud brick as an instance. In the mud brick, the matrix is the mud and the reinforcement is the straw. General composite types include random fiber, continuous fiber, shirt fiber reinforcement, or long fiber reinforcement, particulate reinforcement, filler reinforcement and flake reinforcement.

Mud building bricks

These are the instance of a composite material that was invented by ancient human. Mud building brick is a brick formed with mud. It is sturdy and resistant to compression, but it has bit flexibility and it cannot resist bent. Ancient humans were able to form these composite bricks by combining both straw and mud and the bricks could remain flexible while supporting weight and resisting compression.

Concrete and reinforced concrete

Concrete is a composite material that is made with sand, cement, stones, and water. When you combine these ingredients, a chemical reaction occurs that makes concrete stronger than any one of its ingredients. Concrete is specifically used by building and construction sector to build roads and structures. When experts add reinforced steel rods to the concrete, they make another composite with greater strength and flexibility. This concrete is known as reinforced concrete.

Natural composites

Natural composites like wood are easily available in nature. Wood is an ideal composite instance as it has cellulose fibers that are held together by lignin substance. These fibers can be found in cotton and thread. However, it is the power of bonding of lignin in wood that makes the material tougher.


Fiberglass is derived from tiny glass shards that are held together by resin and other components. Fiberglass is widely used by automobile sector for making body kits. Do you know? The body of the car is made of distinct numbers of fiberglass layers, such as gel coat layer, matting, tissue layer, and cloth. Fiberglass based products are waterproof, lightweight and high strength.

FRP and GRP are the fiberglass composites.

GRP Pipes Manufacturers India use fiberglass composites to intend their products ranges. You can anytime contact them and avail the best quality grp pultruded pipes and profiles at reasonable rates. Do share your thoughts about the post with us and our readers.


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