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This post is about benefits of using pultrusion method over other manufacturing ones for producing components. FRP pultruded sections manufacturers explain why they use pultrusion method when there are traditional ways available on the list. Read this blog post further to know their answer in this regard.

Products manufactured by pultrusion method are stronger than similar range of products made by hand layup, injection molding, and other conventional methods. Pultruded profiles are having high strength and fiber density up to 70% by weight. Manufacturers can produce pultruded range in highest and constant quality in minimum cost. The raw material cost is up to 90% of total manufacturing cost, so machine and labor cost is fractional.

The final product quality is determined by the raw material quality used for manufacturing the product. For easy process control, automated process is helpful. Manufacturers can rely on fiber and resin for easy fabrication of the products. They can make new profiles using new die.

Why pultruded FRP products are the best?

There are several features offered by FRP pultruded products. We will discuss them below-

  • High strength to weight ratio

FRP products and profiles have supreme strength properties which beats structural steel. This is the reason why manufacturers produce structural beam, platform, flat board and other similar range of products from FRP material. Its strength to weight ratio is greater than steel, thus, it is used in various applications where weight is the major consideration.

  • High impact resistance

FRP sections have high impact resistance. The structural flexibility and non ductility results the member to return to original position without any permanent distortion or deflection. So, we can say that any impact less than its damage strength never make any damage.

  • Corrosion resistance

FRP products have corrosion resistance. These products can be used at infrastructures where professionals have to deal with acids, alkali, organic media, oil, etc. Major chemical factories, sewage treatment plants, sugar mills, food factories, and power plants are using FRP pultruded sections and profiles.

  • Fire retardant

FRP and GRP materials are fire retardant. Distinct resins offer different flame retardant properties. These products can be installed in hazardous locations like mines, chemical factories, oil and gas industries, etc.

FRP pultruded sections manufacturers are producing these quality sections and profiles since years. You can anytime share your requirements and avail suitable FRP pultruded products from them.