FRP Pultruded Gratings

FRP Pultruded Gratings Manufacturers Bring Real Reasons to Switch to Their Products

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Polyester resins belong to polymers family that is used for producing a wide variety of products. FRP Pultruded Gratings Manufacturers use them for producing various gratings and cable trays for industrial clients across the globe. There are thermoset polyesters that are known as unsaturated polyester resins. These polyester resins are available in numerous formulations for specific applications. Manufacturers usually intend these formulations with principle raw material that determines the performance characteristics of the future product. A few common unsaturated polyester resin formulations are-

  • Orthophthalic
  • Terephthalic
  • Isophthalic
  • Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD)
  • Chlorendic
  • Vinyl ester
  • Bisphenol A Fumarate Polyesters

There are several reasons to use pultrusion material over other materials. FRP pultrusions are used in several types of applications throughout several distinct industries. The process of pultrusion lets manufacturers to produce continuous FRP profile shapes lengths.

Pultrusion material has more value over other types of materials that you may be considering for your next architectural project or application. Some features offered by pultrusion materials-

  • Non conductivity
  • Anti corrosion
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile

Manufacturers even design fire retardant pultrusion product as per the demand of the client.

Polyglass electrical pultrusion – This material has these same properties and can be manufactured as non-magnetic, arc, and track resistant, UL listed, and fire retardant.

Unlike metal or wood, pultrusions are lighter in weight and this is why major manufacturing units are getting continuous orders for pultruded profiles and applications that are used by industries like transportation, aerospace, sporting equipment, etc.

Another benefit is that steel or aluminium has isotropic properties or equal strength in every direction. But with FRP pultruded products, things are different as these products can have applied reinforcement where it is needed, allowing for additional efficiency.

Advantages of Pultrusion over structural timber/wood

The most common advantage of pultruded material over wood is that pultruded profiles are anti corrosive and do not rot, mold, mildew, or wrap when weather conditions are tough. There is no risk for insect infestation.

Pultrusion products are UV resistant and weather protected. You don’t have to apply costly coatings and paint or films on pultrusion product, but this has to be done on wooden profile.

FRP Pultruded Gratings Manufacturers thus suggest their range of products to the industrial clients for all these reasons.