FRP Tanks

Why FRP Tanks Manufacturers Gain More Clients for Their Products?



When it comes to storage tank options, FRP tanks manufacturers suggest their products to the customers. There are mainly two options, i.e. fiberglass reinforced plastic and polyethylene. Manufacturers carry out production of FRP tanks with several interior coatings and a structural layer includes chopped glass fiber and resin. Polyethylene storage tanks are either high-density cross-linked polyethylene or linear polyethylene. High density cross-linked polyethylene is also known as XLPE, which is a thermoset resin. This type of tank is intended for complex applications like storing chemicals. Both the options are available in distinct sizes.

What is the difference between polyethylene and FRP storage tanks?

FRP storage tanks

FRP tanks equipped with seams, i.e. these are not single-piece vessels. These are weak areas of the tank prone to leakage. FRP tanks are handcrafted in production, which creates opportunities for human errors. It also includes more labor during production process. FRP is bit expensive than other materials. However, FRP resin is anti corrosive and is intended for common chemicals. As FRP tanks are prone to leakage and can develop corrosion over time, users need to carefully maintain and inspect the storage tank.

Polyethylene storage tanks

Polyethylene tanks are having a seamless one-piece molded construction. This means there are no seams from where leakage occurs. Moreover, engineers find it easy to manufacture polyethylene storage tanks. The entire production process is regulated by an automated process, which eventually eliminate the risk of human error.

Polyethylene storage tanks are resistant to corrosion. Polyethylene storage tanks are extremely resistant to breakdown from exposure to a wide range of chemicals. So, there is no need of expensive coating.

As the materials used for making these storage tanks are inexpensive. Low cost materials and expense of the manufacturing process makes polyethylene storage tanks cheaper than FRP tanks. As there are no seams and coatings needed for polyethylene storage tanks, customers do not need special maintenance or regular checkups to retain these tanks in good condition.

Due to these numbers of benefits offered by polyethylene storage tanks, FRP tanks manufacturers India gain more customers for these products. If you also need a custom made solution for your chemical storage needs, you can contact reliable specialist, such as Fiber Tech, that can bring you the best quality chemical storage options at feasible prices. To feedback this story, you can make comments below.



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